SalDist – The Omnichannel Retail Solution

B2B Omnichannel retail solution

SalDist – The Omnichannel Retail Solution

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The SalDist is a B2B E-commerce Omnichannel retail solution for businesses to leverage the aspects of an omnichannel strategy to drive revenue and growth for businesses innovatively and efficiently. From the Omnichannel solution to ERP Management, it helps businesses monitor and track the right aspects needed to acquire a consumer base.


The world of consumer presence is expanding day by day and bringing new trends in the sales and marketing ecosystem to retain consumers. As businesses are no longer limited to physical space, various strategies can fuel up sales and bring more revenue to businesses by tapping the potential of multiple platforms or channels. This can be innovatively done through omnichannel retail solutions to combine the elements of sales and marketing for businesses.


The Omnichannel Retail Solution offers integration between the physical store and online platforms. It extends the convenience to consumers to place an order through e-commerce platforms and collect it physically through brick-and-mortar stores. The comprehensive synchronization of order management, inventory, and fulfilling customer experience makes it unique. It also captures the essential data points and consumer details to deliver consumer experiences throughout the consumer journey. It is all made possible through an Omnichannel Retail Solution like SalDist.


SalDist – Omnichannel Retail Solution


The SalDist Omnichannel Retail Solution offers clients and businesses the box shopping experience to tap consumers at various touchpoints. It helps in consumer retention and offers seamless integration of various channels for enriched shopping experiences.

How Can SalDist Help in Engaging Customers to Drive Sales?

The SalDist Omnichannel Retail Solution is a desired ERP software for businesses to target consumers by allowing them to perform purchases through various channels seamlessly. It can be achieved by integrating business presence on various digital channels and following them at various touchpoints through the consumer journey to increase sales percentage. Thus it can also help in customer retention and drive enormous growth for businesses.

Features of SalDist – B2B E-Commerce Solution

Omnichannel B2B Solution

It offers flexibility to consumers to choose any specific platform to purchase products or services. As a business that has an omnichannel presence on digital platforms, a customer can buy products on either a website or a native app. This omnichannel B2B retail solution will ease the buying process as they don’t need to visit a physical store to purchase products every time. They can also place an order through different channels or platforms. This integration with the Point of Sale (POS) System helps maintain and manage consumer information and data innovatively.

Personalized In-App Features for Product Catalogue

The product catalogs in the B2B segment are quite extensive and confidential. It is only accessible to genuine clientele so that the product specifications or design doesn’t leak out in the market. The B2B E-Commerce solution offers various in-app features to ensure integrity by offering a personalized shopping experience and access to a custom catalog as per the business requirements. Through this, the businesses can also get access to various insights about the potential consumers looking for their products. 

Seamless Integration of Offline & Online Data Across Platforms

The SalDist Omnichannel retail solution offers quite a unique feature for business owners to sync online and offline customers’ data to retarget them at various points in the customer journey. It also helps in upselling and cross-selling products to customers through digital channels as per their buying traits and demographics. This can be done through an embedded back-office ERP system to support these custom functions.

Back Office ERP for Business Solutions

The Back Office ERP by SalDist can offer business owners convenience by managing various functions and activities of businesses such as Accounting, Invoicing, Sales, etc. For eCommerce-based businesses, it can also help in order fulfillment, inventory tracking, and delivery tracking. It ensures the fulfillment of high-volume orders and enables quality tracking throughout the business process.

Reporting of Crucial Data Points

The SalDist B2B E-commerce Omnichannel Retail Solution also assists businesses with crucial data points based on the activities of businesses. From tracking various activities to ensuring quality assurance, the tool is capable of reporting analysis based on different factors useful for businesses. It helps business owners to manage their business with ease.

Building Data Sources for Decision-making and Marketing

Tapping into consumer details in offline and online modes through a POS System integrated into ERP can help businesses utilize that data for various other marketing aspects. The data synchronized between omnichannel platforms and databases can be used for remarketing, email, and SMS campaigns.

Helps in Solving E-Commerce Challenges

The B2B e-commerce omnichannel retail solution aims at solving e-commerce-related challenges innovatively by handling inventory demand-supply, offers and personalized promotions, product returns, customer fulfillment, etc. It helps in minimizing logistic costs and maximize the potential for profits.

Why SalDist?

The SalDist B2B Omnichannel Retail Solution can help businesses manage sales in a comprehensive manner covering offline and online sales platforms. It will not only assist in targeting the consumers and increasing sales but will also help in other areas related to business. It is a return-oriented solution for enterprises to leverage growth and profit by integrating an omnichannel retail strategy in e-commerce.