SalDist B2B eCommerce Solution

Amaze your B2B customers with a rich and smooth e-commerce experience:

Omni channel B2B solution

Give your B2B customers comfort to choose any (Android, iOS, PWA, eCommerce web) platform they wish to access your catalog and place orders, yet staying consistent and sync across platforms. Most effective to increase sales.

Login restricted access to products catalog

In the case of B2B, Typically product catalogs are confidential, offers are personalized. Considering the fact, users can only access the product catalog once they log in and you have full control on what they see.

Back-office ERP

BackOffice ERP to fulfil all your needs

BackOffice ERP to take care of all back-office activities like Order Fulfillment, Inventory, Product Catalog, Accounting, Financial Reports, Shipping, warehouses, etc.

Why SalDist B2B?

            • Easy setup and quick import of your existing data
            • Personalized pricing, discounts, and online payments
            • Feature-rich BackOffice enables you to fulfill high-volume orders and maintain quality in every operational process.
            • Reportings

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