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Open-Source ERP & e-Commerce Development

Apache OFBiz – Powerful ERP & eCommerce Framework

OFBiz development is an ERP or Enterprise resource planning system from the
Apache software foundation
. Apache OFBiz is an Open Source project comprising flexible, cross-industry, and standard business applications that are ready to use and easy to customize. Its design is so flexible that it can be customized per business needs in relatively very little time, resulting in less cost.

Critical ERP modules like – Accounting (GL, AR, AP, FA) | CRM, Order Management & E-Commerce | Warehousing and Inventory | Manufacturing & MRP are already part of the default solution, that’s what saves a lot of time for going live quickly.

This is highly scalable and secure, making it the first choice for companies looking to build ERP solutions on top of any Open Source project.

Key points about Apache OFBiz

Free, Open Source & Powerful Java Web Framework

Being Open Source it comes with freedom to customize and own source code. Java Framework and excellent architecture makes it more secure and scalable. Overall quick learning for new developers and quick delivery for the client.

Flexible, Scalable and Reliable Enterprise Solution

Building any Enterprise Solution from scratch is very time consuming and costly. Best idea would be to use existing Open Source ERP framework (You own the Code) and customize it according to your needs. And, Apache OFBiz comes with multiple Modules/features which are standard for every organization. Also easy to customize existing processes and develop new features.

Ready to use and fully customizable

Yes, Apache OFBiz is ready to use. It has almost all necessary features which are required by any typical Enterprise. And customization takes comparatively less time, resulting into less cost.

Business Applications Available in Apache OFBiz

Product & Catalog Management
Promotion & Pricing Management
Supply Chain Fulfillment
Contracts, Payments & Billing
Project Management
Asset management

Business Intelligence

E-Commerce / E-Shop
Inventory Management
Apache OFbiz
Service 1: Apache OFBiz based ERP or eCommerce Development

NOI Technologies, an ERP expert company, has been using Apache OFBiz to deliver custom ERP and eCommerce Solutions to All Size enterprises. Our experts have in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in ERP solutions (Modules like OMS, SCM, WM, CMS, HRM, CRM, etc.) on top of Apache OFBiz.

OFBiz should be the first choice of the companies looking for Open Source ERP solution, as it is highly flexible in terms of customization and scalable enough to take the load of your high volume users. And when OFBiz is your first choice of platform, NOI Technologies becomes the best choice for service providers because of its expert ERP consultants.

Apache OFBiz Consultancy
Service 2: Apache OFBiz Consultancy or Developer Support

As we’ve 360° services for Apache OFBiz Solutions, you are free to hire an Apache OFBiz developer or an independent Consultant for any project (let the project be in any phase).

Apache OFBiz Upgradation
Service 3: Migration to Apache OFBiz or Upgradation

Having experience in upgrading Apache OFBiz systems to new versions and migrating your existing ERP systems to Apache OFBiz, we can surely help companies with this.

Apache OFBiz Health Checkup
Service 4: Your existing system Health check or performance tuning

If you believe that your OFBiz system is not responding quickly, A significant amount of CPU processing is being used. Increasing the cost of infrastructure

Then it’s time to get your System’s health checked. Our consultants assist in checking the system’s health and fine-tuning it to achieve the best possible performance.

Apache OFBiz Training
Service 5: Apache OFBiz Training

Of course, we love to share the knowledge and experience we have by all possible means. So, when it comes to training developers or users on the Apache OFBiz framework we’re happy to do so.