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Moqui Framework – Secure & Scalable ERP Development

Moqui Ecosystem i.e. the Moqui Framework and its other components are widely used for open-source business applications with modern architecture and full rest API. It is free and released in the public domain. Moqui Ecosystem has been built to have a scalable and secure enterprise application with less complex code.

It uses inbuilt Java libraries with a set of the best logical and integration tools that help you to code more in less time. It is widely used for building SaaS (Software-as-a-service) as its interfaces are compatible with any host environment. Any end-user applications or commercial software; any kind of system can be built using the Moqui Framework.

Features of Moqui Framework

1. Cost Effective

The flexible Moqui Framework tools reduce code size and complexity which leads to less development, maintenance, and support. The existing business artifacts (data model, services, screens/forms, integrations, etc) help you to code less and thus make the framework efficient to use.

2. Multi-instance

Moqui Framework offers your Software as a Service with its multi-instance features. To set up an e-commerce and self-service website for access to your software, one can use the provisioning services in Moqui and subscription products in Mantle. Each instance runs with its database and in its container or VM. There are service interfaces you can implement for any host environment or database.

3. Applications

Moqui Framework allows you to use your existing open-source applications for your custom or commercial applications. It helps you in using generic business artifacts as well as provides hundreds of examples of how to build different UI elements.

4. Cloud Computing

Easy to deploy. Applications built on Moqui Framework can be distributed as a standalone executable archive or a standard WAR file (with runtime configuration and add-ons separate or embedded). This makes it easy to deploy on container-based infrastructure, on-premise, virtual machines, and in private clouds. Moqui supports session replication, distributed caching, and much more to scale up application server pools for large deployments.

5. Advanced Tools

Moqui Framework uses many of the best open-source Java libraries with a set of innovative tools. If you need to build a REST API or use other API calls, it is easier and much simpler. The advanced tools for persistence, logic, user interfaces, and integration makes difficult tasks easier such as indexing database records for text search or analytics, building, and integration with managed message production and consumption or run-time configuration of authorization for screens, services, entities, and even automatic query filtering.

Moqui Ecosystem for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Mantle Business Artifacts and Applications built on top of the Moqui framework are also open-source projects meeting ERP software needs perfectly.

Here are some typical ERP features which are ready to use in Moqui Ecosystem.

Procure to Pay: Covering – Supplier Management, PO for inventory, Receiving Purchase Order, Warehouse management, and Accounts Payable management.

Order to Cash: Covering – Customer service and management, Order management with different product types like goods, subscriptions, and services. Shipping and Tax handling (with Drools rule / various integrations). Inventory Management and Order Fulfillment. Manage Accounts Receivable and Process Payments.

Return to Response: Covering – Manage Customer (SO) and Supplier (PO) Returns. Handle Customer Credit, Refund, and Replacement. Authorize Returns and Respond Auto or manually.

Work Plan to Cash: Client Requests/tickets, Projects, Milestones, and Tasks. Flexible Rates, Time, and Expenses. Bill Clients, Pay Employees, and Subcontractors.

Product Information: Handling various types of products (Goods, Services, Subscriptions, Equipment Types). Organize with Classes/Categories/Features, Faceted Keyword Search. Flexible Pricing (and modify with Drools rules). Content, Identification, Dimensions, Associations, Reviews, etc.

Asset Management: Inventory, Equipment, Supplies, etc. GL Posting for Issuance, Receipt, Depreciation, Physical Inventory. Inventory Projections based on Reservations, Shipments, Production Runs, etc.

Accounting: Flexible Chart of Accounts, Reporting, and Postings. Automated GL posting for Invoices, Payments, Balance Accounts, Assets, Production, etc. Payment and GL Reconciliation (with OFX or other), NACHA Payments, Positive Pay. Almost all Financial Reports and Other Custom reports (Using report builder).

HR and Payroll: Manage Positions, Employees. Flexible Hourly and Piece Rates, Salaries. Payroll Tax Calculation (federal, state, local; employee and employer shares), Garnishment. Pay Wages, Taxes, Garnishments by Check, ACH, etc.

General: Multiple Organizations, Localization, and Currencies. Access and Audit Data, Configurable Authorization, and Velocity Limits. Comprehensive REST API. Shipping Integration (UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, many more). Payment Gateway Integrations (& Payment Processing: AIM & CIM). EDI Message Processing. OAGIS Integrations. etc.

Moqui Development & Consulting Services

Moqui Based ERP Development
1. Moqui Based ERP Development

Having delivered 100+ World Class Enterprise Solutions, NOI Technologies LLC has been leading Moqui Service Providers across the globe. We’ve got extensive experience in working and delivering ERP solutions (Modules like OMS, SCM, WMS, CMS, HRM, CRM, etc.) on top of Moqui Ecosystem. Our work includes business domains like FMCG (End to End BackOffice, Sales & Distribution), Fashion & Clothing (ERP & Ecommerce), News & Media ( Newspaper ads Order and publishing, back-office), HealthCare and Pharma (ERP), etc.

If you are looking for a cost-effective and highly scalable solution, here we are to meet your expectations. Moqui Framework and its applications being Open-Source give you the freedom to use and modify the way you want without worrying about high-value licenses and expensive resources.

Moqui Consultancy
2. Moqui Consultancy & Development Support

Our Expert Moqui Consultants are always ready to help you from the project’s initial phase to the maintenance phase. Our consultants are excellent in drafting your requirements on paper and then helping you throughout project development, analyzing tools, technologies, and infrastructure which fits most suitable per our needs. In addition, helps you optimize the cost of the project.

And, if you’ve got your project
product development already running and willing to expand your team by adding more developers to the team, our developers can be a helping hand for you.

Moqui Migration System Upgrade
3. Moqui Migration & System Upgrade

Running your existing system on any other software/platform and willing to migrate to Moqui? You are at the right place.
If you are running Moqui on 1.x version, by the time you are reading this you must have realized the need of upgrading moqui to new 2.x + version. And, if you have not upgraded yet, then connect with us to ensure a smooth transition of the moqui version and its components.
If you are setting up a new project, keep in mind to have an upgrade plan for your Project.

Moqui Health Check Performance
4. Moqui Health Check & Performance Tuning

You can avail of our Moqui Expertise to do health check-ups of your project and finetune to reach performance heights. We evaluate the system on many parameters like code quality, caching, database hits, CDN, hosting infrastructure, etc (manually and using tools) and optimize your application to meet your performance goals.

Moqui Training
5. Moqui Training

We do provide Corporate Training for Moqui Development. When it comes to sharing knowledge on providing top-notch ERP solutions; we also offer comprehensive corporate training for Moqui development. Our training programs are designed to equip your team with the skills and knowledge needed to harness the full potential of Moqui Framework through hands-on sessions, expert-led workshops, and real-world project scenarios, to gain practical experience and in-depth understanding.

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