3PL and Fulfillment Houses

Simplified Order Fulfillment with Fulfillor’s 3PL Management Software

Fulfillor’s 3PL Management Software is a full-fledged solution that helps carry out all the business processes and storage requirements seamlessly.


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Fulfillor is a cloud-based, customizable, SaaS solution that ensures seamless business operations with scalability and security. With multiple integrations like online marketplaces, accounting systems, carriers, and shopping carts, elevate your business growth and manage everything effortlessly all under one unified solution.

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Ensure Automated Operations with Fulfillor’s 3PLs and Fulfillment Houses Solution

A seamless solution programmed for businesses of all scales and sizes to leverage your growth opportunities.

Features of Fulfillor’s 3PL and Fulfillment House Solutions

Leverage your business capabilities with Fulfillor’s smart 3PL and fulfillment house solutions and make your way to the top with increased productivity.


Reporting & Analytics

Make your business future-proof with reports and analytics where you can get a detailed view of the market trends, consumer preferences, and usage patterns and serve what your users need.


Reduced Shipping Costs

The Fulfillor’s full-fledged 3PL and fulfillment house solution helps handle the costs effectively with reduced errors, thus saving you time.


Pick and Pack

We help your business pick and pack your products with utmost care and keep all the necessary details in mind to ensure that the products reach their destination safely.


Easy Product Listing

List your products easily into our system and sell across various online marketplaces and platforms from a single source.


Warehouse Optimization

Make the most out of the available resources in the warehouse, like organizing and managing the inventory levels, warehouse capacity, space management, product labeling, etc.


Handheld Support

Manage all the warehouse operations handy with the use of handheld devices and smartphones, thus easing your work and making it more convenient for the employees.