Saldist Back Office ERP

 A complete solution for your Back office needs


Saldist Back office ERP is designed to help you in:

-> Customer and Supplier Management

-> Sales and Purchase Order Processing

-> Customer and Supplier Returns

-> Inventory and Warehouse management

->Incoming and Outgoing Payments

->Operational and other Reporting, Statistics and Budgeting

->Incoming and Outgoing Shipment with streamlined packing and shipping

Why Your Business Needs a Back Office ERP

Inventory Management

You can keep track of the inventory in your warehouses which helps you to never run out of stock.

Order Processing

It helps you to manage sales and purchase orders by tracking all the details from packaging of the products till the shipments are delivered.

Generate Reports

You can generate reports and statistics on daily, monthly & yearly basis which help you to grow your business

Shipment management

It helps you to track and manage all the details related to shipments be it from the supplier or to the customer.

Payments & Invoices

Keep track of all the payments related to your business and generate invoices for the same through one system.

Returns Management

It helps you to manage returns of customer and supplier and track records of it efficiently.