Deliver a better customer experience with Saldist Point Of Sale (Payment Processing Solutions)



Point of Sale is available for all the platforms i.e. Android, ios and windows systems


Offline Support

It still works smoothly even without the internet and it automatically syncs with cloud back office once the internet is back.


Easy Payments

Let your customer make the choice of the payments. Accept all types of payments like cash,wallet, cards etc.

Hatrdware of ERP

No Hardware Dependency

POS has no hardware dependency i.e. it can be used with any type of invoice printer , barcode scanner etc.

Why Does Your Business Need a Point of Sale?

Increase Profit

Increase in revenue and optimise cost by detailed reports anytime.

Save Time

Long queues can be managed by faster billing and auto inventory update. No manual work required.

Increase Customer Base

Increase your customer base with the help of the latest technology by providing them various discounts and loyalty points .

Reliable Business

Adopt the automated processes and forget the human errors involved in business .

Avoid Misuse

Features like auto tracking and updating inventory and sales helps you in preventing misuse of resources and theft problems.

Better Employee Management

Manage and track all the information related to employees like the working hours, sales generated etc.

SalDist POS Back Office (Payment Processing Solutions):

Manage your business from one console. Helping you in saving time, money, and resources.

  • Manage Inventory: Never run out of inventory. Get details of your inventory from anywhere at any time.
  • Manage Employees:  You can keep track of the productivity of the employees and can also control the access of the information to your employees.
  • Manage Reports:  View sales at a glance or view detailed reports by date, department, or employees so that you can make important decisions based on the data.
  • Loyalty Programs: Run Customer Loyalty Programs with the help of POS to retain your customer for a long time.