10 Reasons to Go with Custom ERP Solutions

Custom ERP Solutions

10 Reasons to Go with Custom ERP Solutions

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Custom ERP Solutions offers varied advantages to businesses of all kinds and helps them to streamline their operations as per their business goals. To help you better utilize enterprise resource planning, This blog covers 10 Reasons Why You Should Go with Custom ERP solutions for your business.

Enterprise Resource Planning is a crucial part of day-to-day business activities. Be it payroll management to resource tracking, the ERP handles large chunks of tasks associated with businesses. ERP as a whole integrates varied aspects of business management and resource planning into a single software to ensure productivity, trackability, and smooth management of businesses. While there are both licensed and ready-to-use ERP solutions available in the market, this blog covers aspects of why it is always better to go with custom ERP solutions.

Choosing a licensed ERP vs a Custom ERP Solution has always been a great debate. Seeing the enormous advantages Custom ERP solution offers, businesses prefer it to be the mainstream solution to solve all their challenges related to enterprise resource planning.

Custom ERP Solutions: Why it is an Asset for the Business?

The businesses allocate a good chunk of the amount to digitize and streamline their business processes and ERP is one among them. Businesses usually face a hard time choosing between ready-made licensing software and custom ERP solutions. While both might be apt as per the specific requirements, when we talk about a custom ERP solution, it is always a win-win situation for businesses. It offers them all those advantages that align well with their growth and acceleration strategy. It can be considered worth the investment and asset for the business to solve all internal challenges by ensuring better trackability and productivity.

10 Reasons to Go with Custom ERP Solutions

Here are various reasons why you should choose Custom ERP Solutions:

  1. Tailor-Made Solution – A custom ERP Solution is tailored which means that you can develop ERP applications according to your business needs. Since licensed software comes with its own set of features and preferences, in custom ERP, you always have the flexibility to integrate only those features that are apt for your business.
  2. Lower Development Costs – Custom ERP Solutions can help organizations bridge the gap between time and costs while deploying software that suits their needs. As it focuses on customized business goals, this helps businesses to save development costs which might be lower than purchasing licensed software for multiple users.
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  3. Utilizes Best of Open-Source – In terms of developing an ERP Solution, various open-source frameworks are available in the market. It not only saves development time but offers a robust way of implementing an ERP solution for a business.
  4. Flexibility to adapt to changing business needs – In the case of ERP, one size can’t fit all. The custom ERP solution offers flexibility for businesses to adapt to changing business needs. You can always upgrade or add new features as per the business requirements.
  5. Caters to diverse needs of employees – One can save a lot of effort on training when implementing a new ERP solution for the organization. The custom ERP solution offers scope to businesses in terms of keeping employees at the center of the development lifecycle which focuses on solving all the pain points of usability and delivering what employees exactly demand out of the software.
  6. Custom ERP Solution Offers Ownership – In the case of licensed ERP software, you always need to renew the license after a certain period but in Custom ERP development you own the code and can use it as long as you want. It doesn’t add hefty recurring costs. This can be seen as a cost-saving method in the longer term.
  7. Fulfill Business Goals & Gain Competitive Stance – The ERP is the core of any business and it may be used to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the organization. By planning a custom ERP Solution, you get more aligned to solving the internal pain points which helps in gaining a competitive advantage.
  8. Ensured Business Data Integrity – The custom ERP software development can work with your information security framework. It gives you complete control over where you want to host your data and how you want the information to be shared.
  9. Efficiency in Change Management Practices – There may be times when your business processes will need a revamp. In such scenarios, a custom ERP solution will offer you the scope to make room for new changes or upgrades. The internal change management team can easily align with the developmental changes without any time-consuming processes.
  10. Keep your workflow intact – Every business entity has a way or workflow setup of how processes and systems work. In the case of Custom ERP Solution, you can integrate the exact setup without making any changes to your internal processes and workflows.


ERP Solution is the backbone of businesses. Be it a small organization or a large-scale venture, ERP helps in bridging the gap between business processes and trackability to ensure efficient operations. As this blog covered, a custom ERP Solution is a boon for businesses as it gives them all those benefits that a business, in general, requires to manage and maintain their day-to-day processes. As a business, it is always beneficial route to choose a custom ERP solution as it is the only answer to all your resource planning needs.