Odoo vs. Salesforce – Which CRM Is Better For Your Business?

odoo vs. salesforce

Odoo vs. Salesforce – Which CRM Is Better For Your Business?

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Are you looking for a good CRM solution and confused about which one to choose between Salesforce and Odoo? This blog covers everything related to both to help you make the right decision.

CRM is one of the crucial aspects when it comes to managing your consumers and targeting prospects effectively. Being the prime of the marketing strategy, a CRM can help your business to grow by tapping the consumers in the right manner that will help you increase your lead generation. While there is already various software available in the market, Odoo and Salesforce are seen as the most preferred solutions to get everything done related to Customer Relationship Management. Be it contact management to marketing automation, this software has come a great way to help you take action on your business strategy.

How to Choose CRM for Your Business?

Choosing a CRM is no rocket science as it just requires you to focus on some of the aspects that align with your requirements and business goals. You need to choose a good CRM software that can perfectly match your business requirements covering implementation costs, features, reviews, and pros and cons. To help you understand these aspects better, we have covered various things in this blog to help you decide between Odoo and Salesforce.

Salesforce vs. Odoo

Salesforce is one of the best CRM that is preferred by global organizations and even it is termed the top CRM app worldwide. It offers significant features that can help businesses effectively manage CRM. On the other hand, Odoo is an open-source CRM that provides business management solutions and also helps in managing accounting, billing, project management, etc. Being open-source software, it allows flexibility to have customizable options.

Features provided by Salesforce and Odoo

Various business-related features are provided by Salesforce and Odoo which are as follows:

  1. Marketing automation – Marketing automation is one of the most essential things for any business in the modern world. Salesforce and Odoo both offer marketing automation capabilities, but they might differ a bit from one another. Talking Salesforce, it offers customized email sending through web-based personalization while Odoo ERP software offers automation of actions as per marketing funnels and responses based on varied campaigns.
  2. Dashboard and reports – Dashboards and reports play a major role in deciding the business growth. It gives you a glimpse of the business in a very understandable format which can help you to measure your KPIs or goals effectively. Salesforce allows you to build a custom dashboard as per your business requirements while Odoo offers different apps to build balance sheets, business reports, tax reports, etc.
  3. Contact Management – The CRM offers capabilities to businesses to manage and maintain their contacts in a better way. Salesforce offers managing the contacts from social media and other cloud-based sources to enable effective lead conversion while Odoo provides various features to track, analyze, and manage your interaction with the consumers. Odoo also offers easy integration with Google Calendar to schedule interactions with consumers easily.
  4. App Integration – One of the most beneficial features that CRM provides is app integration which gives you various ways to get all your tasks related to CRM done without any hassles. Salesforce helps us integrate various apps like WordPress, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, etc. On the other hand, Odoo also offers various free apps to enhance your CRM management and productivity, eventually helping you to manage goals effectively.
  5. Customer service – A customer support facility is provided in Odoo only to users with paid plans. If you have not purchased any plan, then you can still get help from the open-source community. In all the premium plans of Salesforce, customer service is provided.
  6. Price – The price is another crucial aspect that helps you decide which CRM to choose. While understanding components of pricing, both CRMs come with different options and require looking into factors such as subscription fee, cost of hardware, customization, integration, license, etc. In the case of Salesforce, the paid plan starts at $25 per user per month but you might need to shell out extra for add-on integrations. On the other hand, the Odoo also comes at a similar price range but you can even get a free plan if you are a startup or a small business.

The Conclusion: What to choose

Deciding the right CRM depends mostly upon varied aspects ranging from the size of the business, requirements of the business, and budgets you are targeting. Both CRMs offer you amazing capabilities and features, you need to check which one fits aptly to your needs. Since CRM is one of the must-have solutions for your business, you must not ignore its value in any case. So to sum up, it is always recommended to go with the option that effectively fits your requirements.