mHealth App Development – The Rise in Demand During COVID-19

mHealth App Development

mHealth App Development – The Rise in Demand During COVID-19

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mHealth App Development – How the Demand for Healthcare Mobile Apps is Raising During COVID-19 Phase

The COVID-19 scenario has given various opportunities for the healthcare ecosystem to offer services through mHealth app development. There is an enormous rise in demand for medicine delivery, telemedicine consultancy, healthcare tracking, etc. The mHealth app development i.e. Mobile health app development for the healthcare industry has seen an enormous rise in the last few days.

mHealth App Development- Demand of Healthcare Apps During COVID-19

The COVID-19 Pandemic has reached a stage that has started affecting people not only physically but mentally as well. The situation has gotten so intense that it has become a big task for the healthcare system and governments to control the cases. The movement of people is prohibited, and people cannot even step down on the streets to get essential services. The worst part about this entire pandemic is that all the clinics and hospitals are full of coronavirus cases. It is restricting people from visiting doctors during an emergency. The instances of COVID-19 are occurring at an alarming rate.

As per the statistics by Practo, the number of telemedicine consultations has seen a growth of over 100 percent every week. This is a good opportunity for the healthcare ecosystem to leverage digital mediums as people are avoiding visiting hospitals due to the risks.

However, amidst the entire situation, one thing we can feel blessed about is being born in an era that is severely technologically advanced. With the help of modern healthcare ERP apps, one can get access to doctors and nurses through their comfort zone. Currently, we can subtly say that smartphones have proven to be the smartest companion for us during this quarantine season. The Healthcare industry has seen maximum demand for modern telemedicine apps for people who are genuinely in need.

Mobile Technology & Apps for Healthcare Space

Mobile technology is making a massive entry into the healthcare space. These mobile healthcare apps are all about using mobile devices to improve the health condition of the citizens of the country through various modes. The service of these mobile healthcare apps could be as necessary as just using the SMS service to send messages or even using the app to interpret some critical data. The three fundamentals, which are structural, behavioral, and financial factors, have determined the need for such modern apps. In terms of cost factors as well, these services come at an affordable price for the citizens. Either they can choose subscription mode or can pay per consultancy to avail of the services.

Why Is There a Need for Healthcare Apps in the US?

The entire issue is that the base of the coronavirus patient count is rising at a tremendous rate. Currently, getting access to the most basic health services can become cumbersome as there are various risks involved. As per the expert recommendations, mobile apps and technology can drive success in terms of patient care during the time of COVID-19. The digitization of healthcare during this time can give a boon to patients as they are not at all able to access physical healthcare services due to the fear of the virus.

As per the stats, 81% of adults in the United States use smartphones which enables them to utilize the trend of mobile healthcare from the comfort of their homes.

Remote Services to Treat Patients Virtually to Avoid Risks

Telemedicine consultation in the US is seeing a high rise during this time. Where the healthcare systems are mostly overloaded with patients suffering from coronavirus. To limit the contamination, remote telemedicine services could safely counsel the patients. And, remote telemedicine services can diagnose them with non-chronic diseases without any risks. While social distancing is the compulsory norm, virtual services through healthcare apps can really help both patients and physicians.

The Emergence of Healthcare Needs

COVID-19 has changed the perception of people towards the healthcare system. It is now important to see the emergence of healthcare needs by integrating healthcare into custom mHealth app development and devices to benefit the country’s citizens. Here are a few aspects of how the mobile-driven healthcare wave can revolutionize ways:

  1. The patients and doctors can establish active communication on a time-to-time basis through a technology-driven structure.
  2. Digitization will improve the emergency response system for patients. The integrated system can help doctors check patients’ track records and immediately proceed with further actions required.
  3. It can lead to mass awareness and prevention of various diseases and viruses through active diagnoses.

Healthcare Mobile App Features: Enabling Convenient & Affordable Care

  1. Medical Logistics & Services: Diagnostics, Free Home Checkups, Digital Reports through Mobile Applications, Medicine Delivery, etc.
  2. Telemedicine: Online consultancy through chat or video calls with physicians or healthcare experts.
  3. Enabling Data-Driven Approach: Tracking healthcare through AI-based mechanisms for better healthcare support.
  4. Fitness Devices can complement the revolution for mobile apps to give in-depth insights into heart rate, calorie counts, etc.

Global moblie Health App main revenue

Ways to Drive The Adoption of Healthcare Technological Apps

The technology is enabling the adoption of healthcare apps in a very fast manner. There are various technological trends already giving opportunities for efficient and innovative systems. Artificial intelligence and ERP data-driven approaches can be a boon for patients and healthcare organizations. Active monitoring through healthcare apps can give greater scope to users to ensure their holistic health. Ranging from tracking fitness levels to ensuring the sleep cycle, the apps could come in handy for everyone.

The healthcare organizations and govt. can roll out applications in the market to make people aware of healthcare in a much better way. The apps can help users to keep healthy and active while it can also enabling the insurance providers to give benefits to the users based on their healthy lifestyle. While it should not be controlled by the organizations. It can be a lucrative way to help citizens make the most of the healthcare ecosystem through mobile apps.

As per various studies conducted in the past years, there was a loss of interest due to the complexity of applications in terms of user experience. This could be tackled by implementing a user-oriented design in applications to drive its massive growth. The user engagement programs led by healthcare organizations in various ways can motivate users to adopt the new trends and enable them to utilize plenty of benefits.

Factors Which Could Lead to Support of The Healthcare Mobile App Development

  1. Increased awareness of people towards health and fitness.
  2. Medical Tourism can also give a big boost to the medical consultancy sphere over distant modes such as video calling.
  3. Telemedicine: People prefer to consult doctors over the phone or video calling due to the risks of COVID-19.
  4. It is also enabling convenience and saving a lot of time for people.
  5. Timely Follow-Ups by the concerning healthcare.

How Private Healthcare Firms Can Lead The Way?

Private healthcare firms and hospitals can also introduce their mobile apps to store the data of their patients. And, they offer them immersive healthcare ERP solutions based on telemedicine. Ranging from fitness tracking to medicine reminders, healthcare apps can look into the holistic health of an individual. This also allows healthcare firms to retain their patients by offering them innovative services from the comfort of their homes.

mHealth App- Value and revenue

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Healthcare firms are also working towards developing mobile apps to self-diagnose COVID-related symptoms and reach out to patients for tests. This enables complete tracing of the signs and ensures immediate response to decrease the number of cases.

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