Best ERP Open Source Software For Hospitality Management

ERP software for hospitality management

Best ERP Open Source Software For Hospitality Management

Best ERP Open Source Software For Hospitality Management 462 260 Visvendra Singh Visvendra Singh

ERP software for hospitality management


The hospitality industry runs on the concept of excellent service, something that builds a sharp image of the hotel among tourists. To achieve this, they are ready to use advanced technologies.

Tourism and hotel management software’s motive is to provide the same level of excellent services. Some hotels’ ERP open-source software accomplishes this by providing a personalized and seamless experience with ERP tools, and some provide exciting features. Most software offers services free of cost.

There is a lot of ERP open-source hotel management software available out there, so here we jotted down the leading free and open-source hotel management ERP software, which offers an outstanding experience to the guest that can drive loyalty. Let’s dive in.

Abacre Cloud Hotel Management System

Abacre, ERP software for hospitality management is specially designed for Windows and browser-based interface. The key features are a user-friendly dashboard, a customizable user interface, secure billing options, and CRM.

Overall, Abacre is an ERP open-source hotel management system that allows hotel staff to manage their daily basis task quickly and effortlessly. The software makes it easy for hoteliers to control all the functions. With Abacre, hotels can offer a fantastic experience to the guest, and the best part is it’s free to download.


DigitalDruid.Net develops HotelDruid’s open-source hotel management software. Although it is the best free hotel management software, if you want someone else to handle hosting and implementation, it provides paid hosting services. This hospitality management software enables natural augmentation and automatic upgrades.

The advanced features are customizable invoices, front desk management, and multiple language support. Also, one can access the software from any device, which makes it suitable for small-scale hotels.

Hospitality Management


NOBEDS is free and easy-to-install hospitality management software compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS. Since everything is cloud-based it’s easy for the management to handle from anywhere. If you want to use it on the web, you can opt for a no-install version. The key features are the integrated calendar, statistical data analysis, and free developer support.

Developed by integrating advanced technical features, NOBEDS saves a lot of time and money for hoteliers. The software allows you to synchronize with TV stations, phone stations, and booking channels in real-time.

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OTA Hotel Management

The software was launched in June 2011, and it’s already been downloaded over 33000 times. The solutions are already integrated with many additional features. OTA Hotel Management solution is specifically developed for all-sized hotels. The perks of this software are that supports languages like English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Vietnamese and real-time online booking engine.

ERP software for hotel management

KWHotel Free

KWHotel solution assists in-room management and booking options and lets you manage the back administration work smoothly. This hotel ERP software for hospitality management is specially focused on small hotels and accommodation facilities. For example, your beachside location, helps you rent a yacht and surfboard. Two paid software is also available that offer additional functions and features.


Qloapps is one of the most powerful open-source ERP solutions for hotel management. This ERP software allows hoteliers to manage both on-desk and offline management systems efficiently. The software includes all the advanced features to run the hotel business smoothly.

The key features are multiple language support, tax management, email management, a secured system, a responsive theme, and room inventory management.

The hotel ERP solution includes add-ons like Redis Cache that store caches to avoid loading time. The software for the hospitality industry enhances the number of bookings with error-free service. Fulfilling the customer’s requirements is more accessible with this software. 

Hospitality management ERP software


Hospitality management software is going to be in massive demand due to the enhancing hospitality industry.

The hoteliers need to understand the tools & approaches, automated data management, and offer personalized and advanced experiences. Adopting all this helps them in generating good revenue and in retaining their customers.

So without thinking much, make the best use of the above-mentioned open-source hotel management solutions to offer a remarkable guest experience.


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