SalDist™ – the Omni Channel ERP

Multiple Sales Channels can help you leverage the competitive benefits to increase your sales by offering your customers a seamless and interactive shopping experience. The Omni-Channel ERP focuses on such aspects to help you accelerate your business strategies, keeping customer, sales, and business objectives in mind. NOI Technologies LLC can develop customized business solutions that can cater to Omni-Channel ERP needs in various ways.

We at NOI Technologies LLC believe in delivering exceptional experiences to both businesses and clients. In a fast-paced world where the competition is growing day by day, we want to ensure the best experience to help you track and operation business objectives with ease. The Omni-Channel ERP is one such solution to help your business achieve success by combining the efforts of offline and online channels. We also ensure enabling business intelligence along with other business practices to foster growth and development through technology solutions.

Features of Omni-Channel ERP

#1 Smart Integration & Business Intelligence

Omnichannel ERP can follow your clients everywhere to serve them the best experience.

#2 BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup In-Store)

Seamless Integration of experiences to help customers shop from your business through multiple channels.

#3 Seamless Order Management

Manage your order from multiple channels online to offline.

#4 Inventory Management

Satisfy demand-supply needs in the best way possible.

#5 Order Lifecycle Management

Keep track of your orders at your fingertips.

#6 Order Lifecycle Management

Keep track of your orders at your fingertips

#7 Report & Analysis

Get a comprehensive view of your business through reports and analytics.

#8 UI Focused

The Front-End focused Vue Storefront can improve your ecommerce experience.

ERP Solutions – Our Offerings

Custom ERP Solutions: We hold expertise in offering businesses tailor-made solutions to solve crucial business challenges related to operations and management. Our approach targets multiple domains and industries spanning across Pharma, Retail, FMCG, Healthcare, News & Media, etc.

Omni-Channel ERP: Solutions & Services


#1 User-Centric ERP Solution

The front-end-based user-centric solutions like- Vue Storefront can give the best user experiences to the clients to purchase service or shop for products. The Omni-Channel ERP makes it possible through an integrated approach of front-end and back-end solution.

ERP for supply chain management

#2 Business Management on Your Tips

We Deliver a scalable solution to help you track your business at your fingertips. We offer you an intuitive and user-friendly platform to manage your business without any hassles. It enables the efficiency and productivity of your employees.

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#3 Solutions to Decrease Costs

Omni-Channel ERP Development can help your business in the longer run. It not only focuses on efficient business operations but also helps businesses to cut down on operational and other excessive costs.


#4 Increase the Scope of Business Intelligence

Smart business means increased sales and better profits. The Omni-Channel ERP development can increase the scope of business intelligence by offering integrated access to your business management in a more intelligent way.

Omnichannel eCommerce

#5 NOI Technologies Offer Best Development & Support

We at NOI Technologies can offer the best development and support for Omni-Channel ERP Development. Our experienced team can offer you solutions as per your business needs to drive profits and increase sales.