Different SalDist Products Offered by NOI Technologies LLC

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Different SalDist Products Offered by NOI Technologies LLC

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Businesses always focus on adapting lucrative solutions that can help them run and manage their business operations with ease. They are always looking for solutions that are reliable, measurable, scalable, secure, and accessible in addition to being cost-effective. Being one of the software solutions it is focused on retail businesses, it offers them the convenience to build their website and mobile app catering to a wide range of services to their clients. From offering easy-to-use eCommerce websites to consumers to managing backend operations through a data-driven dashboard, it offers numerous features to businesses of all kinds.

This blog talks about different SalDist products offered by NOI Technologies LLC to help you understand various features that can help your business.

Different SalDist Products Offered by NOI Technologies LLC

NOI Technologies LLC offers excellence in providing varied solutions to businesses which are as follows:

SalDist E-Commerce: Mobile + Web App

The SalDist E-Commerce Mobile+Web App is an integrated solution that seamlessly works across different mobile and web devices. It is one of the lucrative solutions that can expand your presence on multiple platforms offering you opportunities to scale your business and boost your sales.

Features of E-Commerce Mobile & Web App:

  • Dedicated Android & iOS App: The mobile application offers a personalized experience to consumers as they can search, purchase and shortlist products as per their own choices through a user-friendly platform. Consumers can even save delivery addresses, payment options, and recommendations to help them purchase products with ease. It is one of the best solutions to engage and retain consumers.
  • Responsive E-Commerce Optimise Website: This is one of the best features that offer businesses the option to gain a presence on the web. Being an SEO Optimized website that is search engine friendly, also makes your brand and products discoverable on the web.
  • Progressive Web App: It offers your consumers an easy and mobile-friendly way to explore and purchase your products. The PWA App delivers an experience similar to a native mobile app.

SalDist Back-Office ERP

The SalDist Back-Office ERP is one of the business-friendly solutions that can help you meet all the back-office-related needs such as – customer/supplier management, return management, inventory & warehouse management, invoicing, and budgeting, shipping, order management, etc.

Features of Back-Office ERP:

  • Keep Track of Your Inventory: It offers smart Inventory Management to help you manage your business inventory and stock with ease through a dedicated dashboard.
  • Order Tracking: Track your order end-to-end from order placement till shipment. It is one of the best features to help you manage your sales with ease.
  • Payments & Invoicing: Say goodbye to hassles related to managing your payments. SalDist Back Office ERP offers you the convenience to track all your finances through a dedicated dashboard.
  • Reporting: It is another feature that helps you keep track of your business through scheduled or automated reports.
  • Return Management: Managing Returns can be a big hassle for businesses. The SalDist Back Office ERP makes it easy for you to efficiently manage and track your returned orders between suppliers and consumers.

SalDist POS (Point of Sale)

The SalDist POS is another convenient solution for businesses to help them run their business through a dedicated console. It is one of the points of sale solutions to empower businesses to focus on their growth by streamlining their sales operations.

Features of POS:

  • Multi-Platform Support: It can be used across Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows Ecosystem without any hassles.
  • Offline Support: Facing Internet Connectivity Issues? No Worries. This is another best support that SalDist POS offers you to maintain your sales data without thinking about internet connectivity. It lets you sync your data once you get connected to the internet.
  • Easy Payments: Through SalDist POS, managing multiple payments through different modes gets a lot easier as it offers the convenience of purchasing products from your consumers.
  • No Hardware Dependency to Run Software: The SalDist POS software can be run with any hardware device without any compatibility issues.

SalDist B2B Retail Solution

SalDist B2B is an omnichannel retail solution that works across all platforms which allows you to provide a comprehensive shopping experience to your consumers. It is one of the user-centered solutions that delivers ease and convenience by offering consistency in purchasing products on different platforms.

Features of B2B Retail Solution:

  • Omnichannel B2B Solution: This is a fully synchronized solution that helps your B2B consumers to remain consistent with managing and purchasing products through different platforms like- mobile, web, offline store, etc. They can easily access their purchase history, account details, and order data through their dedicated account.
  • Secured Access to Product Catalogue: Offering access to a product catalog is a big challenge for businesses as it contains unique products, offers, and pricing which should not be ideally accessed by everyone. To solve this issue, SalDist B2B Retail Solution offers businesses the convenience to password-protect their catalog.
  • Dedicated Back-Office ERP: This is a centralized dashboard to help you track and manage your products, sales, offers, and invoices with ease. It can also take care of activities like- purchase invoices, returns, accounting, warehouse management, inventory management, etc.

These SalDist products are a complete product suite by NOI Technologies which offers businesses a great way to manage and run their operations with ease. From taking their business online to offering consumers a dedicated platform to purchase products, it helps businesses to scale up their operations while ensuring greater profits for them.