Top 10 Moqui Releases in 2022

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Top 10 Moqui Releases in 2022

Top 10 Moqui Releases in 2022 1350 650 Visvendra Singh Visvendra Singh

Moqui offers innovative and scalable solutions for building ERP Applications. It delivers exceptional features to businesses in a cost-effective manner.

The framework offers various benefits and advantages to businesses in order to scale up their operations and ease the hassle of implementing technology for ERP solutions. In order to offer better advantages and competitiveness to businesses, this framework is one of the solutions to use in order to manage business activities with ease. It comes with essential features to integrate and implement solutions related to operations, invoices, logistics, reporting, activity tracking, etc. Being a modern framework and tech stack, it does allow developers to automate tasks related to Enterprise Resource Planning to build scalable applications. 

Moqui also keeps on updating its features and requirements to meet the needs of implementing the latest solutions in the market. The open-source community also actively contributes to the changes in order to keep up with the latest requirements for developers. 

To understand the latest updates of this framework extensively, This blog covers insights related to the Top 10 Moqui Releases in 2021. 

Top 10 Moqui Releases in 2022

Moqui Support For Java 11

Java 11 is completely supported in the framework and allows integration with various types of libraries. Through this support, the developers can plan to implement java codebase libraries while developing Moqui Applications.

Performance Improvements

The Moqui comes with a faster operation capability to perform tasks with efficiency. It now supports improved memory efficiency and libraries like – Apache Ignite to enable developers to develop scalable applications with ease. It has also optimized the use of memory.

Moqui Follows Multi-Instance Approach

The multi-instance can be run in Docker containers and can be managed from a master instance. It also supports managing and running containers with MySQL databases to meet the backend needs in a better way. 

Moqui Offers Flexible Deployments with Gradle

Moqui offers flexible deployment to build and test applications using Gradle. It comes with a standard directory structure like Maven and Gradle to keep the application build ecosystem consistent across the popular IDE used in software development. 

Support for Various Scripting Languages

The Moqui offers varied ways to support writing coding in industry-standard languages like- Groovy, Javascript, Moqui XML Actions (.xml), etc. These all work with OOTB support without any special needs of installations. 

Low Code Complexity

The Low code complexity offers a convenient way for developers to develop applications without writing lengthy codes. It comes with pre-build artifacts like- data models, services, integrations, etc. to deploy and build applications faster. 

Integrations with Tool Components

The Moqui supports various tool components like- Apache, AWS, Hazelcast, ElasticSearch, etc. This enables good coordination with existing tech ecosystems and enables support for various backend services, solutions, and integrations. The developers do not need to learn anything new to switch to Moqui app development.

E-Mail Management & Integration

The Moqui also allows the integration of features to facilitate E-Mail exchange through Moqui applications. It enables applications to use email-related features with ease.  

 OAuth Access

OAuth offers a way for developers to access the data from other websites or platforms for use in applications. This framework also offers support of OuAuth2 for authentication through REST APIs, which also facilitates application login through Google, Facebook, etc.


Moqui is one of the secured frameworks offering protection against the latest web vulnerabilities like- CSRF, Injection, XSS, etc. Being a safe framework, it could be one of the desired solutions to develop safe and secured solutions. 

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