The Latest ERP News Of the Month – The 2020 Series

Latest ERP news

The Latest ERP News Of the Month – The 2020 Series

The Latest ERP News Of the Month – The 2020 Series 2048 1152 Visvendra Singh Visvendra Singh

Latest ERP news

The ERP is constantly evolving day by day offering different aspects and advantages to organizations to leverage the trends in one or the other way. As the business trends are progressing, there is a need for more diversified and capable features that can boost both sales and operations for the organization. This blog features some of the best breakthroughs and Latest ERP news in the industry in September 2020.

  • SIEMENS Collaborates with SAP for Industrial Transformation

The SIEMENS network along with SAP has planned to come together to innovate in the ERP space by leveraging the software proficiency and expertise to drive industrial transformation. As a combination of products to drive growth in asset management, resource planning, and management solutions, the partnership will offer numerous advantages to businesses and enterprises with solution-oriented ERP systems capable of solving large-scale business challenges.

Siemens and SAP | ERP

  • Industry 4.0 to Bring Revolutionary Changes to the ERP Ecosystem

The Industry 4.0 revolution aimed at offering exponential growth through digital-centric systems also aims to boost the ERP ecosystem by integrating next-generation solutions for businesses. As per the subject matter experts, it fosters an ecosystem where ERP is just not about changing or replacing the existing ways of the back-office system but enforces features to harness the capabilities of data analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence for businesses. Industry 4.0 empowers organizations to become more productive by utilizing these next-generation ERP trends backed by cloud-based software systems.

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  • ERP & IIOT Trends to Re-Transform Food Businesses

The IIOT referred to as the Industrial Internet of Things is a new buzzword in the ERP industry as it offers numerous advantages to food businesses to transform their business models and approaches by utilizing the benefits of the ERP system. From packaging to product delivery, using ERP combined with IIOT can help businesses deliver more during the tough times of the COVID-19 scenario. It can also ensure safety standards by integrating a holistic approach to enterprise resource planning and monitoring to deliver enhanced benefits to both consumers and organizations in a safer way.

IOT for food management | ERP for food industry

  • Accenture Federal Services to build cloud-based ERP Infrastructure for U.S Air Force

Accenture Federal Services, a subsidiary firm of Accenture has won the contract for the U.S Air Force to develop a cloud-based enterprise resource planning infrastructure to facilitate operations and strengthen resource planning. The contract worth $89.5 million will foster U.S Air Force to get equipped with the latest technological advancements under this deal.

  • Education ERP Market Booms amidst Coronavirus Crisis

As the coronavirus has impacted the majority of industries, it is anticipated that the adoption of digital mediums in education will boost ERP adoption in the edutech industry. Segmented by on-premise and cloud-based systems, the use of ERP systems for such organizations will help ease resource planning and will drive more productivity. After the lockdown, most of the schools and colleges are delivering lectures online and there is an intense need for edutech companies to invest in ERP systems to manage the operations efficiently.

ERP for Educational Institute

  • ERP Software to Drive Increase in Global Spend in IT, Says Gartner

Leading research firm Gartner has released a report stating that the ERP Software particularly backed by cloud-based applications will influence the overall spending on IT infrastructure. This will increase global spending contributing to a 3.2% jump as compared to previous years. It is an interesting fact to know that the ERP software market is progressing quite well as compared to other sectors in the IT industry.

These recent developments give us a positive outlook on the ERP industry benefiting the organizations to contribute toward industrial growth. We hope that this news roundup gives you interesting insights into the latest news in the industry.