Projects We Developed

A view of all the projects developed and maintained by us using various technologies.

NOI Exams

A scalable Moqui based online exam assessment platform that uses AI techniques to analyse the student’s performance. Currently it is live with 90K+ students and 30+ institutions registered mainly focusing on competitive exams.

The highest searched and ranked online Ad Booking website all over India currenlty running its architecture on Moqui framework. We are the technology partner of Bhaves Advertisers and are supporting in all technical consultancies to build the business better.

An in-house Moqui based project for bulk messaging to different mobile networks. It uses the client's data and connect to network providers.

Mathuriya Classes Website

Top rated institute for competition exams along with a publication house, Mathuriya Classes is not just a name in Rajasthan but itself a brand. Books of Ramniwas Mathuriya are famous all over India for Government competition exams.

NOI Exams Mobile App

NOi Exams Android App is available on Google Play Store. Created using React Native and React JS, the mobile app is fully functional as of the website featuring the exam portal with its best use. The App's version 2.0 is to be launched soon.

DS Science Academy Website

DSSA Website & App

An academic website for the students of DS Science Academy whose branches are all over Rajasthan with a number of talented students. Most of the toppers of IIT JEE, NEET and RBSE board are students of DS Science Academy.