Online Automation РUse Automation to Accelerate Up Your Business Growth

NOI Technologies LLC can develop automation solutions for ERP to help you accelerate your business growth. Our expert team is capable of building products to enable automation for your redundant business process and activities that might eat a lot of your workforce time. We can help you deliver the solutions to achieve business growth through smart tools and applications.

Features of Online Automation for ERP

#1 Intelligence Backed Application

The online automation tools and applications do understand your business operations and activities in a comprehensive manner.

#2 Automate Redundant Business Processes

Online automation can boost employee productivity by automating usual business processes in smart ways.

#3 Audit & Quality Automation

A self-sustaining structure to monitor and ensure the quality standard of your business practices.

#4 E-Commerce Fulfillment Automation

A powerful feature for e-commerce businesses to automate their B2B/B2C process and delivery.

#5 Advanced Tools

Moqui Framework uses many of the best open-source Java libraries with a set of innovative tools. If you need to build a REST API or use other API calls, it is easier and much simpler. The advanced tools for persistence, logic, user interfaces, and integration makes difficult tasks easier such as indexing database records for text search or analytics, building, and integration with managed message production and consumption or run-time configuration of authorization for screens, services, entities, and even automatic query filtering.

Moqui Ecosystem for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Procure to Pay: Covering – Supplier Management, PO for inventory, Receiving Purchase Orders, Warehouse management, and Accounts Payable management.

Online Automation – Our Offerings


#1 Software Solutions for Automation

We at NOI Technologies can develop tailor-made automation solutions for your ERP. From automation of standard business processes to smart reporting, we can develop specific business-specific applications.

ERP Automation

#2 Support & Training

We help businesses by offering them adequate support and training to use ERP-based products. It helps employees to get the know-how of software in a better way. We also provide support for automation applications developed by us.